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Sunday, July 15, 2012


I've started writing on some blogs again, starting with a new blog.  This one will be focused on ideas for worlds, types of creatures, and other such ideas that I want to organize in one place. 

Pickly's worldbuilder

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starcraft 2: Multiplayer

Over the past few weeks, I've actually dove into Starcraft 2 multiplayer. I've been trying to play about 1-2 times a day on average, in 1v1 and 2v2. Am a low-medium level bronze at the moment, but have reached a point quickly where I really don't like loosing. for all these games, I've been playing as zerg.

Overall Experience:

I've been having the most trouble in my games with openings, Most losses come from some sort of result of an early attack, and many of the wins come when players don't expand well. Generally, the later the game goes, the better chance it seems I have to win. the lack of expansion may have to do with being at Bronze level.

After a few not so effective attempts at mutalisk harass at some games, I've generally gone for more "big battle" compositions, though am settling into sometimes using zerglings as patrols to check for expansions.

Zerg vs. Zerg:

This is the matchup I've been disliking the most. I've won a few of these, when the other player doesn't expand, but often seem to loose them as well in really annoying ways, where the attacks or scouting I do seems to show up at the wrong time, and the other player somehow ends up with an advantage, which than gets used towards the middle. If the other player doesn't expand, or doesn't play aggressively enough, than I can eventually win, but the opening issues are very, very frustrating.

I generally prefer to get roaches to start, and than go from there.

Zerg vs. Terran

I haven't had too many of these games, and they don't seem to be against very good players, or the style of terran that's easier to use at this level isn't very agressive. The games I've played tend to involve me out-expanding the other player, than overwhelming them with zerglings, infestors, and ultralisks. I'll have to see how future games go for this matchup.

Zerg vs. Protoss

This one seems to have had the most variety. Sometimes I get hit with early attacks, as with zerg vs zerg, but I seem to survive these attacks better against protoss, and can often come back and win. Protoss balls of death I've run into a lot, and these are often really frustrating to deal with.

2 v 2

I'm still in placement matches for these games (I have played 1 game with a teammate, though we seem to have never been on at the same time since, which is too bad, as the first team game went well.) These games do seem a lot more variable than the 1v1 games in some ways, and players leaving has certainly kept things interesting. So far, the strategies seem less important than what teammates I get, and who leaves/who doesn't.

I'm not sure how much I'll be playing the game, since I tend ot get really invested in it and can get quite pissed off at loosing, so it may not be fun enough to continue, but at least I've gotten a few games out of it.
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